7 Amazing Facts About OAP Mary Chinda

Mary Chinda

Mary Chinda, a young lady with great amazing dreams coupled with a tenacious strategic approach to set goals is a media personality who hails from Elelenwo,Obio/Akpor LGA in Rivers state of Nigeria is a graduate of Mass Communication at University of Nigeria Nsukka.  Mary out of her hunger in restructuring the wrong female mentalities with regards to career, marital relationships and goals, has become a convener of several female-only related conference across Nigeria. We here at Gistpark media
have carefully outlined few amazing facts about Mary Chinda you need to know.

1. Mary Chinda is a Book Worm:

If you are a keen follower of Mary’s social media handles on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and more, from few years ago till date, you will discover that Mary loves to study and advance her knowledge on her Media career on a yearly basis. This great quest of hers has opened up diverse opportunities for her to function as a key figure in some research works across the country. From her story, we will say “bookworms are researchers and world changers” – which Mary is.  After her A’level studies in mass communication, she didn’t relent but instead went for an M.A in her field of discipline.

2. Mary Chinda is adventurous:

This quality in Mary Chinda makes her really unique as she is per time on a quest to try new stuff out in terms of knowledge.  After so much acquisition of diverse knowledge from studies, training and seminars, Mary as at today is a Communication strategist, TV personality, Social media marketer, and also a Blogger. It takes being adventurous to be in these circles of media.

3. She is a good mentee under different mentors:

To be imparted by a person in terms of knowledge and lifestyle, it takes a humble attitude of learning at such a person’s feet. Mary has discovered this truth and hence enjoyed a great journey to destiny by the
life transforming knowledge she has been blessed with from her mentors. Mary is
so proud of her mentors that she shows them off on social media to help others
know the benefits of having a mentor in the journey of life. Some of her mentors are Televangelist Juanita Bynum,Pastor Sam Onuoha and more.

Considering Mary’s current status in the media, she still humbles herself to learn more from these mentor figures she has chosen forherself.

4. Mary is Always Shameless and discrete about her decisions and Quests :

This headline may sound a bit funny but oh yes! Mary is so proud of her decisions that she’s not ashamed to follow her decisions with all joy especially those that has to do with her quests in life.  Below are some pictures of her shamelessly following her passion and emptying herself to the younger generation.

5. Mary is so Proud of Her Love life:

Mary Chinda and her fiance

Unlike other personalities like herself, Mary is not shy to talk about her love life in posts and images on social media. As at the time of writing this article, Mary Chinda is engaged to Barnabas McClint Ebiede A.k.a PastorB. She is setting a pace for other young ladies on waiting on their dream partner by working on their self to be the needed and virtous wives of their time. Mary frequently would share marital nuggets for women on social media and captioning her deepest heart cry to be a good wife, mother and help meet to her husband in the future.

Mary Chinda is also known for being a tireless convener of the already trending and series of Single Lady’s Conference which has already taken place at Enugu, Port Harcourt and more. In 2018, we here at Gistpark media believe there would be
more of the single lady’s conference as the testimonies from participants of this year’s version were really life transforming and amazing.

 6. She is a go-getter:

another amazing thing about Mary Chinda is that she’s a go-gotter. Anything she says she will do, she will do. we recall one certain time when she said she will someday meet Actress Monalisa Chinda who also bear same name ‘Chinda’ like herself. After that hunger, Mary engaged her passion to work and while doing what she loves, she met with Actress Monalisa Chinda and function with her side by side at a conference.

Mary still doing what she loves has also worked side by side Actress Hilda Dokubo

7. Mary Chinda is amazingly Compassionate:

We describe as amazingly compassionate because of how she has tirelessly been busy updating and pleading the public on behalf of a friend who had a medical disorder.We were observing how she joined the host of others to constantly help him seek for supports to get treated as soon as possible and finally, he got some help and currently getting better.


Here is Mary having some nice time with her Fiance… we call them “the two merged lovely purpose”

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