INEC advises parties to follow guidelines for primaries in Anambra Election

Ballot bag being used during an election

The Independent National
Electoral Commission (INEC) has advised political parties to follow
electoral guidelines and party principles in the conduct of their
primaries for the Anambra Governorship election scheduled for Nov. 28,

Prof. Antonia Okoosi-Simbine, INEC’s
National Commissioner and Chairman Elections and Party Monitoring
Committee, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of
Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.
said it was important for the parties to conduct their primaries in
ways and manners stipulated by their constitutions and other
She said part of INEC job was to register and regulate political parties.
only way we can regulate political party is to make sure that they
follow the contents of the law they themselves brought forward to us as
the guiding principles for all their activities.
we will like them to follow that before coming to us, because many
elections in the 2015 general elections were thrown out because
primaries were badly conducted.
primaries were badly conducted and the court quashes such elections,
the party involved will have no opportunity to take part in the  re-run,
meaning that the party has lost at the end.
“We will love them to do their primaries according to the rules and regulations guiding their various political parties.
“They should allow the will of their members to prevail,’’ she said.
said that wrongly conducted primaries had its effects on the commission
and the nation in terms of extra cost and time needed for the conduct
of a rerun.
Okoosi-Simbine said such primaries also had  negative effects on the political parties.
said that primaries not conducted in line with the stipulated
principles may lead to disagreement and factions within a party.
on measures in place by INEC to effectively monitor primaries as well
as ensure that the parties keep to the rules, Okoosi-Simbine said that
the commission was working on modality that would ensure that correct
things were done.
This according to her
include the organising of sensitisation workshops for parties national
officials as well working on a modality to ensure that primaries were
properly conducted and their  outcome respected.
modality according to Okoosi-Simbine is to ensure that results of
primaries are signed by all key stakeholders of the elections.
“Yes it is our duty to monitor primaries but if you check properly, it is not mandatory.
we monitor, all the better. If we are not there, it does not nullify
the primaries. But our presence gives it additional legitimacy.”
Okoosi-Simbine said that even after monitoring the process, the party was expected to make a submission to the commission.

added that in a situation where the process was monitored by INEC and a
different report was submitted to the commission, it would be easier
for the commission to make its decision.
we are doing our best to get to a situation where we can give the party
a form where everybody in the small electoral body set up by the party
will sign.
“All the candidates that contest will also sign that this is actually the outcome of the primaries. “


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