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Corrupt Judges, Lawyers And Rules Of Professional Ethics For Legal Practitioners In Nigeria



Recently, Joe Agi  SAN
funded the wedding of the son of Justice Adeniyi Ademola to the tune of
N30 million. Even though the SAN is prosecuting and defending many cases
before Justice Ademola the trial judge, Jude Okeke (Justice Okeke was
today outed as one of the judges favored by Joe Nwobike to assign all
his corrupt cases) said that the accused persons have no case to answer
before him!

Even though both accused persons were freed on technical grounds
neither the NJC nor the Disciplinary Committee of the Body of Benchers
has deemed it fit to subject them to any form of discipline. Before
we are told that any disciplinary measure meted out to them will amount
to double jeopardy what is the justification for removing the name of a
lawyer who has been convicted by a criminal court?

Two SANs are currently facing trial in the Lagos High Court for
bribing judges before whom they have cases.  Having lost our sense of
shame some colleagues have said that there is nothing bad in funding the
weddings and burials for judges by giving them millions or hundreds of
thousands of Naira without the knowledge of the opposing counsel. As
lawyers and judges have forgotten the provisions of the Rules of
professional practice and code of conduct for judicial officers we are
compelled to draw attention to the following:

Section 2 :   Relationships with Judges

A lawyer should never show marked attention or unusual
hospitality to a judge, uncalled for by the personal relations of the
parties. He should avoid anything calculated to gain or having the
appearance of gaining special personal consideration or favor from a

Section 3(c)     Conduct Towards Judges During Trial

Except as provided by rule or order of a court, a lawyer should
never deliver to the judge any letter, memorandum, brief or other
written communication without concurrently delivering a copy to opposing


Rule 1

A Judicial Officer should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all his activities

1.     A Judicial Officer should respect and comply with the laws
of the land and should conduct himself at all times in a manner that
promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the

2. Social Relationships

(a)        A Judicial Officer must avoid social relationship that are improper or give rise to an appearance of impropriety, that cast doubt on the judicial officers’s ability to decide cases impartially, or that bring disrepute to the Judiciary.

C – Disqualification

1. (c)    A Judicial Officer should disqualify himself in a
proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned,
including but not limited to the instances where he knows that he
individually or as a Judicial Officer or his spouse or child, has a
financial or any other interest that could be substantially affected by
the outcome of the proceeding;

F-     Acceptance of Gifts

1.   A Judicial Officer and members of his family shall neither ask for nor accept any gift, bequest, favor, or loan on account of anything done or omitted to be done by him in the discharge of his duties.


Ike Ani is a Freelance writer whose quest constantly is to relate happenings around the world to human daily living. He's also a song writer and singer, Acoustic Guitarist, and Teacher.

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L. A Prisoners Infect Themselves With Coronavirus To Get Early Release (VIDEO)




A group of silly L.A area prison inmates were very eager to contract the dreaded coronavirus .

They attempted this because they believed that would trigger their ticket out of prison.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva who made the startling revelation Monday, said about twenty-four (24) inmates at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic attempted (and somewhat succeeded, apparently) to infect themselves way back in mid-April 2020.

The Sheriff revealed that their department saw an increase in spike in confirmed cases out of nowhere.

He said that when they investigated, they found a high number of inmates living in one block of the prison appeared to be deliberately trying to infect each other with COVID-19 any way they could from behind bars.

When Alex Villanueva played the surveillance footages he and his team combed through carefully , and it showed several inmates hanging out in a common area and passing around what Alex described as a hot cup of water, as well as one face mask they’d each put on all in hopes of getting sympathy from a judge to spring them from the facility and let them go home.

But it turns out, their little ploy worked but, only halfway.

Villanueva reported that 21 of the inmates (out of 50 in the block) caught the ‘Coronavirus.

“What they won’t catch is a break” said the Sheriff.

Watch the Video HERE

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COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: 12 Year Old Albino Girl Suffers Eye Problems After Hawking Veggies In Abuja (PHOTOS)




A very sad Facebook post greeted Nigerians from Abuja showing a 12 year old Albino Girl Grace, who started developing sight problems after Hawking Veggies under the scorching sun in Abuja.

The Facebook post stated that the little girl was asked to hawk the veggies by her aunt whom she lives with.

Below are the Screenshots of the Facebook post:

This sad news has sparked an outrage by well meaning individuals who spoke against such cruelty and insensitivity of the said girl’s aunt.

what do you think of this? Drop your comments below.

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“Buhari is Made In London” – Reno Omokri Blasts Presidency On Nigerian Made Products

The Buhari administration has been known for enforcing the Nigerian people to patronize Nigerian made goods though without much strategy to make life easier while this transition to economic growth is enforced.




Reno Omokri Nuggets

The Buhari administration has been known for enforcing the Nigerian people to patronize Nigerian made goods though without much strategy to make life easier while this transition to economic growth is enforced. Many Nigerians have tagged it a harsh move that is insensitive and inhumane but moreso, Reno Omokri has singled out signals of hypocrisy in the President of Nigeria by outlining certain traits of family moves of the President that shows that he(Buhari) as the No.1 citizen has no regards for anything made in Nigeria but yet wants other Nigerians to embrace Nigerian made goods.

Reno Omokri ‘s tweet reads:

His kids schooled in England. His wife just returned from a 3 month UK stay. His daughter gave birth to his grandchild in Spain (made in Spain), yet
, who is London, wants us to patronise made in Nigeria!

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