got some TEA for you – Cardi B and Karrueche Trn are
FEUDING behind the scenes – and their drama may be affecting the TOP HIP
HOP GROUP, The Migos.
You see Cardi is dating OFFSET and Karrueche is dating QUAVO, two of the three rap stars in the group Migos.

According to’s INSIDER SNITCH, all the drama is
coming from KARRUECHE. The insider explained, “Karrueche thinks she’s
better than everyone – like she’s some kind of Hollywood star. She can
play that sh*t around the other HOES – but not around Cardi.”

The insider claimed that Cardi “CHECKED” Karrueche at the BET Awards.
The insider explained, “Cardi told that b*tch not to come to her acting
all BOUGIE, cause [Cardi] is a bigger star than [Karrueche].” But it
was Cardi talking – so she used a lot of “b*tches,” and “f*cks” in
explaining it to Karrueche.

And the ladies’ drama is causing FRICTION among the Migos members.
The insider explained, “Offset really loves Cardi, and he rides for her.
Quavo seems the same way about Karrueche. If [the ladies] don’t quit
it, they may f*ck up the group.”

Here’s Cardi B throwing SHADE at Karrueche:
watch the Video here 


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