The O’odua Nationalist
Coalition (ONAC), a pan Yoruba group, has called for the creation of a
separate nation for the indigenous Yoruba people. The
coalition, made up of 18 Yoruba groups, issued a statement over the
weekend, calling for a break away from the Nigerian republic to create a
separate country for the Yoruba people called Oduduwa republic.

The coalition’s statement is signed by Oluwole Suleiman, Michael Popoola, and Mrs Aduke Fadahunsi.
advise them to begin to make alternative plans for the inevitable
upheaval being promoted by the Fulani oligarchy. The North has always
been the aggressor because of the region’s loss of power and the
unhidden desire to make Nigeria the irreversible extension of the Fulani
“What we see is
violent conflict of civilisations which can only be resolved when each
region go her own way. In the bid to keep Nigeria as one country,
millions of people have been killed and the lives of children wasted,
the future pauperized and the potentials of Yoruba young men and women
bottled or chained with fetters of iron. Today, we make the historic
declaration that Yoruba people are ready for our own Oduduwa Republic.
have watched events these past days. The cloud is getting thicker. The
poisonous rain appear ready to fall. It is time for the Yoruba people to
be ready to defend our homeland from being seized by local imperial
elements and their collaborators. We assert Yoruba self-determination
and sovereignty. We shall work for it. We will actualize it. It is time
for the Yoruba people to stand for Oodua Republic without any further
“Yoruba people this time
will not support any attack on Self determination. We shall mobilise the
masses and prevent Yoruba people from being used for any attack on the
long suffering indigenous peoples of the South East and the South-
South. This is not the first time we have called for Oodua Republic. In
April 2015, we organized a massive rally demanding for Oodua Republic.
But today, this demand has become even more crucial than any other
“Our leaders beginning
from Chief Obafemi Awolowo were jailed on trumped up charges. 28 leaders
of Yoruba were imprisoned unjustly. Chief M.K.O Abiola was murdered.
The industrial bases built by Awolowo were destroyed by the military
rookies appointed to control the South West region, our culture
destroyed and the future of our young people put asunder.
many Yoruba people have become scavengers across the world fleeing from
a hostile, bloodletting and malicious country that hold no promise of
good and abundant life for the long suffering and exhausted population.
call on Yoruba people all over the world to prepare for a sovereign
nation for the people of the South West. We are over 50 million and far
more than the population of 140 countries in the world. Yoruba will be
the third biggest nation in Africa and about the 28th biggest nation in
the world. We are big and knowledgeable enough to be a sovereign nation.
We assert the Yoruba self-determination without any further delay.”
coalition is made up of influential groups like the Oodua Peoples
Congress, (OPC), Oodua Liberation Movement, (OLM), Oodua Republic
Coalition, (ORC), Yoruba Revolutionary Congress, (YORC), Oodua
Muslim-Christian Dialogue Group , (OMDG), Yoruba Students Nationalist
Front, (YOSNF), Oodua Hunters Union, (OHUN) and 11 other groups.


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