West London Fire: Multiple fatalities reported in inferno


Fresh reports on the massive fire broke out in a 27-floor block of flats in west London indicate that multiple fatalities have been recorded. According to Al Jazera, few deaths have also been recovered as many have been taken to the hospital after been burnt severely.

London Fire Brigade reportedly said 40 fire engines and 200
firefighters were battling the blaze which had engulfed all floors from
the second to the top of the Grenfell Tower.

Commissioner at London Fire Bridage, Danny Cotton, said. “I
can’t confirm the figure due to the size and complexity of the
building. Unfortunately, there have been a  number of fatalities

“It’s a major fire that has affected every floor from the second floor upwards,” Cotton said.

The police also said “A number of people being treated for a range of injuries.”

was further reported that flames ravaged the tower, lighting up the
pre-dawn west London skyline and sending up a thick plume of black

Large pieces of debris could be seen falling from the building.

Inferno rages storey building in West London

Inferno rages storey building in West London


Al Jazera also reported that witnesses said they heard screaming from the upper floors as the flames rose in the night.

were trapped. They couldn’t come downstairs, especially from the top
floor … People have been burned. I have seen it with my own eyes. And I
have seen people jump,
” Daniel told BBC.

Hanan Wahabi
told AFP she escaped with her husband and son, 16, and eight-year-old
daughter but feared for her brother and his family who live on the 21st
time I saw him they were waving out the window, his wife and children.
I’ve not heard from them since, the phone is not going through, the
landline isn’t going through,” she said.

London mayor Sadiq Khan also declared it a “major incident”.

Actor and writer Tim Downie, who lives nearby, said: “It’s horrendous. The whole building is engulfed in flames. It’s gone. It’s just a matter of time before this building collapses”.

Police said in a statement they were called at 1:16am (0016 GMT).


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