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#SUICIDE: Ubi Franklin’s Manager opens up on his suicidal thoughts

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#SUICIDE: Ubi Franklin’s Manager opens up on his suicidal thoughts

Ubi Franklin has shared his story on depression and how he was able to overcome it. The CEO of Made Men Music Group shared his life-changing story via Instagram on Thursday, June 29, 2017.

According to him, he was sharing the testimony to encourage others going through the same experience.

Ubi Franklin and son, Jayden

Ubi Franklin and son, Jayden

the series of posts, he talks about depression and how his son was what
kept him every time he had suicidal thoughts and how he eventually
overcame the challenge.

Ubi Franklin opens up on his battle with depression (Instagram)

In one part he wrote,
There was money, food and roof over my head but I was deeply out of order.
I felt I wouldn’t see the next day, but all I was worried about was what my son will be after that.
I kept hearing this baby voice around me saying “Daddy please don’t go…. I don’t know you yet. That was my turning point.
More of his writing below:

Ubi Franklin opens up on his struggle with depression (Instagram)

According to him, his son Jayden was the turning point in his life (Instagram)

Ubi Franklin says he turned to God during depression bout (Instagram)

these comes after his marriage to Lilian Esoro had reportedly gone
downhill. Meanwhile, there were rumours that Lilian Esoro had reunited
with her husband Ubi Franklin after the pair were seen together at a public event.

Is Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin's marriage over?

Is Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin’s marriage over?

December 2016, Lilian Esoro sparked rumours that her marriage was in
trouble after she removed the name Franklin from her Instagram bio.
same month Ubi Franklin was seen without his wedding ring at a public
event. Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin have not confirmed or denied the
reports that all is not well in their marriage.
They got married on November 1, 2015. The arrival of their first baby, a son, was reported on July 18, 2016.




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