Relationship: Tinder dating app review

Tinder has been described as “the next Facebook.”
And, there is no arguing with that. As a matter of fact, it has
succeeded in taking the dating world by storm.

What is Tinder?

to Wikipedia: Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that
facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing
matched users to chat.
The app is most commonly
used as a dating app but has branched out to provide more services,
making it more of a general social media application.
In other words, Tinder is a platform that offers a simple way for people to meet online.

How do I sign up for Tinder?

can sign up for Tinder with your Facebook account. And, this is to
ensure a certain level of identity verification. When this done, the app
then matches you to other Tinder users in the area around you.



Tinder is free to download, and only takes a few seconds to install.
However, with Tinder, there’s no real profile creation. Photos are automatically pulled from your Facebook profile pictures.
But, if there’s something secretive that you wouldn’t want to make available, the app allows you to delete it.
you can click the plus sign on the top right of your Profile page to
check your phone, Instagram, or album photos from Facebook for other
pictures to include.
Also, to describe yourself, you can say a few words (maximum of 500 characters).
In addition, you will be allowed to choose whether you want to be matched with men or women or both, inside the setting tab.
how far away you are willing to search (i.e. 10 miles or 50 miles from
your current location), and your preferred age range depends on you.
pictures of potential suitors will pop up on your screen one by one
along with their ages, making the matching process easy for you.
in other to see more information about them, all you need do is to tap
the “I” button underneath or simply tapping on the photo.



Then you can see how
far away they are from you at this moment (i.e. 2 miles or 10 miles),
how long ago they were active on Tinder (i.e. 1 hour or 2 days ago), as
well as an “about” section where people can leave a little information
about themselves.
You can as well scroll through
various matches if you’d like, touching the “X” for no or swiping left
(meaning you’re not interested) and touching the heart on the right for
yes, or swiping right.
Once you mutually approve of each other, you and your Tinder match can communicate.
Presently, celebrities are joining Tinder along with the millions of other daters. Tinder has now become a part of TV shows.
of its appeal is the fact that Tinder is not a lonely endeavor like
online dating can be, where you sit in front of a computer sorting
through profiles and creating your own.
As a
matter of fact, most people use Tinder with their friends in social
settings, so when you’re meeting friends for a drink, chances are one or
more of you is logging in.
Fun for some, and painful for others, Tinder doesn’t take into account your Facebook relationship status.



Married folks or
those in a relationship can use Tinder without any members having
knowledge about the fact that you have a significant other.
Owing to this, it enables people to cheat if they feel so inclined.
Tinder is viewed by many people as nothing more than hook-up apps. And
this is because it’s free to use and there isn’t much of a filtering
process outside of whether or not you like someone’s photos.
the truth is, a large number of women and men are gravitating to this
app; making it ever easy for people to connect with people.

Review Rating

I rate the Tinder app 8/10. It is listed among the most popular dating app in the world.

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