A gunman has left a policewoman and several others injured in a shooting at the Unterfoehring subway station in Munich, Germany. According
to multiple reports, the suspect reportedly grabbed the policewoman’s
handgun in what turned into an early morning check at the subway
UK Telegraph reports that German police confirmed that a policewoman and several people were injured in the shooting.

was further reported that witnesses said the suspect took a police
officer’s handgun and then shot her, also injuring others at the S-Bahn
station in the northeastern suburb of the Bavarian city.
a tweet, the Munich police confirmed that the policewoman’s injuries
were serious and that the suspect was already in custody.
Force spokesman Michael Riehlein said the area has been “secured” and that there was no danger to the wider public.

Munich police said in a tweet: “Several people were injured by shots. A female police officer was badly wounded.”
In several tweets by AFP, the attack as been classified as one aggravated by a personal reason.
The Police said: “No
political or religious motive’ in Munich shooting. The sole male
perpetrator was motivated by personal reasons. There is no political or
religious background here.


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