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“Brandy is like the vocal bible,” Producer Maleek Berry reveals Brandy as major influence

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“Brandy is like the vocal bible,” Producer Maleek Berry reveals Brandy as major influence

Multi-talented producer
and artist Maleek Berry at his South by South West 2017 show held much
earlier in the year on March 18, 2017 at The Belmont, Austin Texas,
USA., where he totally nailed it with the performance of his songs ‘Hold
you down’, ‘On fire’, ‘Kontrol’ and more off his 2016 “Last Daze Of
Summer” EP.

The show segment “Sounds From Africa and The Caribbean
performed in the US marked the first leg of the singer’s tour, where he
got talking about starting out as a producer to now performing on stage
as an artist.

Maleek Berry.

Berry sure has fans, particularly the ladies, who were singing along to
his songs at the SXSW Sounds From Africa and The Caribbean music
showcase (Instagram)

speaking with NotjustokTV described the reception of his performance at
the show as a really good feeling and is already getting accustomed to
life as an artist and performer too but can’t tell if he prefers being a
producer to an artist.
I’m getting very used to my artist side, I feel like every musician is an artist by nature, like it’s instinctive, it’s in us” he said.

Maleek Berry

Maleek Berry believes every producer has is it in them to be artists and performers as well (Instagram)

also revealed American singer and songwriter Brandy is very
instrumental to his music, saying he knows most of how the melodies from
the singer’s album goes.
listening to Brandy for a long time, she’s like the vocal bible, every
Brandy album I know the melodies, that’s how I train my ears, “

Maleek further added , explaining how he always  incorporates  R&B
(as influenced by Brandy’s music) into his Afro-fusion element to create
his sound.

Brandy’s R&B sound helped shape Maleek Berry’s Afro-fusion sound elements (

producer artist addressing rumours that he was going to be signing to
an international record label said there is nothing on the cards for
now, and he’s happy to just have that creative freedom for now.
whether he is signed to Wizkid’s “Star boy” imprint, Maleek says he and
Wiz in 2012  just came up with that name with the aim of promoting and
taking African sound to the world, and there was no official business
contract binding of that sort, rather the affiliation is purely “family
“My whole relationship with
Starboy is like family, we never did things business wise, and that’s
how me and wiz still are, we’re  family.“

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