Kannywood actor and filmmaker, Ali Nuhu, was recently at Pulse Nigeria. During
an exclusive interview, the actor spoke on the cancellation of the
proposed film village in Kano by the Federal Government in 2016,
following opposition from Islamic clerics.

to the “Ojukokoro” actor, the film village was cancelled because most
of the clergymen didn’t understand the idea behind a film village.

“For anything to be in existence in a society, the people living in the society must accept it,” Nuhu started.
must say that entertainment in the North is still not accepted the way
it should be, like it is accepted everywhere else in the globe, because
some people have their reservations.”
the issue of the film village came up, a lot of the clergymen were
against it because they didn’t even understand what the whole idea
behind a film village is, and they revolted.”
Northern Nigeria, most of the things that come, people don’t easily
accept because of the culture and the religion of the people of the
“I think that’s what is responsible for all these.”

In July, 2016, The Nigerian government cancelled plans for a film village in Kano.
at creating jobs and bringing local films to high standard, the Federal
Government had planned releasing 1billion Naira for the kick off of the
20-hectare film village.


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