Since the assumption of office by President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerians out of the hard times that stroke the nation has decided to lay their hands on diverse businesses in the country. One of the areas that Nigerians in the southern region has embraced with much vigor is the Agricultural sector. People who had lands and abandoned them are now seeking different counsels on how to use them for some agricultural businesses. In this post today, I will be pointing out three of these businesses that are becoming common especially in Benin and Delta. Read on.

1. Cassava Farming:
Cassava farming is becoming more popular than before in Benin and Delta state simply because of the increase in the demand for the cassava products which are Garri and akpu. The price per bag is now above N10,000 as at the time of writing this article. So many people now see it a lucrative business to dive into to raise capital for other business plans that they have at hand.

2. Livestock Farming:
Despite the fact that in the southern region, livestock is somewhat low in terms of habitation but business wise these days, some business tycoons who have the money are now beginning to rear cows, goats, and other livestock at home and in mini ranches for the sole aim of making profit when the demand for the livestock comes in the market during festive periods.

3. Street Hawking of expensive commodities:
Usually, expensive commodities are confined and sold inside shops or plazas in the market areas but the reverse is the case these days in the south as you can see very expensive gadgets, clothing and more being sold on the streets with the quest of getting targeted customers. In Benin, it’s seriously trending at the popular Ring Road roundabout .you could see different stuffs to buy without having to enter the main market.

These whole advancements in businesses have made the market circle within the country very competitive and ever growing. Do you have any trending businesses we missed out in our listing? Please drop it in the comment box.


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