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3 Reasons why Nigerian men are becoming Violent on Women

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3 Reasons why Nigerian men are becoming Violent on Women

It’s no longer news that married Nigerian men are now turning their wives to punching bags for whatsoever flimsy excuses they have that has militated the beating of their wives. In this article, I will be pointing out some of the core reasons why this madness is trending currently. Recently we heard of famous Mercy Aigbe and others whose husbands have decided to see as fellow men for a fist fight. This is absolute madness. Read on.

    A real man wouldn’t lay a finger on a woman for if it was not for a woman, he wouldn’t be here on earth. A man with this understanding will always see reasons to value the woman system and nature emotionally and physically but the problem currently is that Nigerian men are becoming only sexually attracted to women and hence see them as sex toys instead of help meet for their life visions and missions. A man who searched properly for a woman that will be of help to his visions will always value her in her excellence and errors and will never on any day think of beating her for any reason.

    Below are three (3) reasons I have mapped out that has led to all home violence trending in Nigeria right now;

1. Most Nigerian men Don’t get prepared for marriage beforehand:
So many men in Nigeria think that once they have a job and a house, then a wife becomes a necessity to add to their achievement but this is the point where they miss it because marriage is not an achievement but a union for the sole aim of getting helped by a woman that will help and support you based on your visions, missions and goals in life. So what drove you to marry the woman who is your wife today? Think again and make sure this foundational idea is handled.

2. Nigerian men these days are becoming sexually attracted to women only:
The reason behind the attraction of a man to a woman matters a lot in life cause that will be the inspiration/drive in the ups and downs along the lane of marriage. But when the reason of attraction is strictly sexual, there will always be a problem because a wife is not supposed to be treated like some whore on the street. She’s a wife not a slave, she’s a helper not a punching bag…etc

3. Most Nigerian men were never taught well at Home while growing up:
Most Nigerian parents have failed the male gender in terms of training them to understanding that man and woman are not the same in strength and stature and as such, they should not dare touch any woman in the name of beating them. When to teach a man not to be violent against women is when they are little. Charity they say begins at home.  If parents currently fail to train their sons well, the next generation will have men killing women everyday with no reason.

It is high time Nigerian men stand and take their place in the circle of sanity at all times as they are the head of their homes and not the devourer of their homes. Men, take your place of being a good husband, friend and father to your family.

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