The whistle blowing policy is currently trending as one of the easiest tactics used by the crime fighting commissions/agencies to catch the money launderers in the governmental system, people who have decided that gullibility shall be their way of life as far as Nigeria is concerned. But our concentration in this article is not centered on any of them in question but the whistle blower. I guess many Nigerians have been wondering how they can become whistleblowers in their different localities across the nations. Well here in this post, I have pick pointed three (3) ways you can do that. Read on.

The whistle blowing policy gives the blower some benefits for being the no.1 agent of discovery for the crime being committed. Check out the methods below;

1. Become a loyal fan of your Target:
Core Fans of a particular high profiled person tend to be more updated about him/her than those who don’t have anything to do with such a person. So you see that this is a good way forward on this. You can start out and gradually begin to see some possible wrong things the person is doing in line with financial crime.

2. Attend Political Meetings:
Yes o! you heard me right. Attend political meetings as a fan of that particular politician you want to make a case study for the moment. From the meetings, you will begin to see loopholes to their crime committing with public funds because most political parties operate often times with public funds provided by their party members who are public office holders. So use this step too to catch some culprits and once you have gathered your facts, Blow the whistle right away on them….LOL!

3. Evaluate Every top government official in your area:
Do you live in the same area with a politician or highly placed public office holder? Then don’t waste this opportunity of blowing some awesome whistle that will get you some benefits for being patriotic to the growth of the nation. Monitor their outings, the rates at which cars are changed and brought into the house. Try and study the constitutional responsibilities and financial allowances of the office the person occupies and see if such can allow the shocking expenses he/she is making that is bare to the public.

When you gather your findings, be sure they are authentic and then make head way to reach out to the Crime fighting agencies in the country and blow some whistle my dear….Be sure your first time is AWESOME!!!! LOL!!!😜😝


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