Ellen Wleklinski and Corey
Collins had their La La Land -inspired engagement photos recently, and
every single one is  absolutely divine! Marlies Hartman
who shot the photos suggested the idea to the couple because they both
bear resemblance with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, the stars of the 2016
hit movie.

Under the sky twinkling with
numerous stars or overlooking a picturesque city bathed in sunlight, the
couple looked pretty perfect in the snaps.

Couple recreate "La La Land" with  engagement photos

The even got to capture this iconic pose from the movie (BuzzFeed)

Speaking to BuzzFeed about the couple and their decision to go for a La La Land-inspired shoot, their photographer says “Ellen
and Corey are both native Californians who met and fell in love right
here in LA, even though they grew up in neighbouring towns upstate.”

visited the Griffith Observatory for one of their first dates. … They
were both huge fans of the film, and Ellen always felt that Corey looked
like her own personal Ryan Gosling!”

Couple recreate "La La Land" with  engagement photos

Ellena and Corey look the part in this recreation of La La Land (BuzzFeed)

was about “bringing to life a real-world Mia and Sebastian, and what
their life would look like if they ended up together at the end of the
See more of Ellen and Cory’s amazeballs photos in the gallery below.


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