It is no doubt that Davido is one of the most influential Nigerian musicians by virtue of his kind of music and hypes of wealth show offs in lyrics, social media posts and music videos. besides, who would doubt these riches since his dad is one of the richest in Nigeria? so we can say he’s just one of those called “born with a silver spoon”. well explaining his wealth background is definitely not the sole aim of this article today but rather an insight into his recent childish behaviours or should we say immature acts with no regards to his fans and what their reactions could be.

we will be taking the acts list by list….

1. Trending Sextape of him and the SA Whore:
would Davido be the first Nigerian/world Musician to have a one night stand with some girl after a party? certainly not but allowing his drunk friend to cover the whole nasty moment was a sign of no respect to his fans all across the world. why let such shameful act become a public thing? it all boils down to one thing anyways…...Davido needs to grow up!!!

2. Throwing Shades on Social Media:
many of you would ask if Davido was the first or the last to use the social media to lash out on any hater online. yes you’re right by that thought but does that make it a lifestyle for him? himself and his bro were lashing out on instagram of recent and many of his fans were thinking of who it could be but at certain times, these lash out tweets are thrown at the thin air just to make fans create a room for their personalities in their thoughts.

3. Trending Babymama and Paternal test Saga:
it seems Bro. Davido is seriously on a project to raise a community that will help him spend his money in little or no while if not, why is he always busy having babymama sagas? and when it was published on PUNCH, he lashed out on Twitter against the news in a childish manner but we all know that nothing is hidden under the sun……LOL!

Nigerian celebs joke with fame forgetting that it’s a quicker channel to doom often times for the unwise ones……history has shown and proven that principle to be true as Marvin Gay is a practical example.


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