Former President Goodluck
Jonathan was recently invited by the United States House sub-committee
on Africa to address some issues about Nigeria. Speaking at the event on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, Nigeria’s ex-president, Jonathan spoke the Southern Kaduna killings, Niger Delta crisis and relevance of the 2014 Confab report.

Here are five important things Nigeria’s former President told the U.S lawmakers.

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan in the United States of America

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan in the United States of America

1. Religious crisis and Nigeria
said: “If, as a nation, we do not kill religious persecution and
extremism, then religious persecution and extremism will kill Nigeria.
potential danger associated with the level of conflicts going on across
the country is so glaring that no sane mind can ignore.”
2. Establishment of Religious Equity Commission
view of the fact that religion plays a vital role in many aspects of
our national life especially in the aspect of national security and
national unity, it is highly imperative that it be singled out from
other fundamental rights and given a special attention via the creation
of an Equity Commission whose sole mandate will be to focus on religious
rights and their promotion.
3. The Niger Delta
Jonathan said: “The people in this region feel that though they suffer
from the environmental hazards of the exploitation of the God given
resources, they do not commensurately benefit from the exploitation of
these resources.”
3. Contracts awarded to the region
said: “The greatest stumbling block of these interventionist agencies
was lack of continuity, resulting from an over politicisation of
projects as each successive management awards new contracts rather than
continue with those awarded by their predecessors and as such, the Niger
Delta is littered with many abandoned projects with very few completed
projects to show for the huge monies spent.”
4. Military intervention in the Niger Delta
said: “The military crackdown in the Niger Delta will not end the
agitation there. It will have the opposite effect of provoking the
youth, which will cause them to seek to acquire sophisticated weapons to
defend themselves and their communities.

“This may, in turn, lead to secessionist movements and the reincarnation of the Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro-led revolution and the Biafra civil war. The Federal Government and the international community must work to avoid this.”
5. Trump Presidency and Nigeria
“I call this body [United States United States House sub-committee] and the new American administration of President Donald J Trump,
of whom we are very confident, to please work with the government and
people of Nigeria by way of capacity building and intelligence gathering
and sharing and indeed in any way possible to bring an end to religious
extremism in Nigeria,” the former president added.


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